Sturminster Marshall First School

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Thank you for choosing Sturminster Marshall First School - we are delighted to welcome you to our very special school and we are confident that your child is going to enjoy every day with us and will develop a true love of learning.


Our school believe, in order for pupils to feel safe and happy they must be treated with kindness throughout the process of joining the school and making the transition between schools and classes. Set out below are our aims and the practical ways in which we implement pupil induction and transition.


  • To ensure that children have a smooth, anxiety-free transition between schools and classes
  • To provide support for children to enable them to meet new experiences and unfamiliar situations with confidence
  • To ensure that the school knows enough about the child, and the child and his/her parents know enough about the school so there are no barriers to full participation


EYFS (Blackbirds Class)

Prior to a child joining Blackbirds class, we encourage the parents to have visited the school and met the Head Teacher or member of the Senior Leadership Team. The child has visited the school as part of transition or independently. The school has asked for information from the pupil’s nursery/pre school and has taken information from the parents on the child’s interests and any special needs.

  • To ensure open communication between feeder pre schools, regular visits to school organised
  • Parents are asked to complete an ‘All About Me’ booklet with their child which provides information about family, friends, likes, dislikes, etc
  • A new children’s event is held before the children start school. The children see their classroom, meet their class teacher and classmates. The parents are invited into the school to meet staff who can answer any questions and give out information.
  • Blackbirds children have a staggered entry; they attend for half days only for the first three weeks, except for one afternoon of baseline assessments which are carried out in small groups.
  • Teacher and Assistant Teacher support is recognised as exceptionally important for Blackbirds children as they are introduced to different teachers, classes in various parts of the school and the lunch system, etc.

Entry at other ages

When a pupil transfers to Sturminster Marshall First School from another school, every effort is made to ensure that the parents have visited the school, met key personnel and have received sufficient information to make an informed decision about joining the school.

  • Information is requested from the previous school, generally prior after the start date.
  • Each new pupil is assigned a ‘buddy’ to help them settle in and find their way around
  • The class teacher ensures liaison with the parents is effective in aiding the child’s transition

Transition between classes

Each Summer Term, a ‘Transfer morning’ is held during which children spend the morning in the classroom – and with the teacher wherever possible – they will have the following school year. Assessment records are transferred between classes.

Each year, a ‘Meet the Teacher Afternoon’ is held for parents so that they can meet the teacher(s) and learn about the plans for the year ahead.

Special Educational Needs and Disability, Most Able, English as an Additional Language

Whether entering the school as a new pupil or transferring from one class to another in school, the needs of pupils are addressed through a scrutiny of records, discussion on pupil progress and particular concerns, and the provision of suitable SSPs or provision maps.

The SENDCo monitor pupils’ welfare, provision for their needs and their progress. They also liaise with staff and parents.

House System

All children are inducted into the House system, this gives everyone a sense of belonging and a chance to mix with all the age groups within school. Throughout the year activities and events are based around the house system.