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Ship Building

Wow! Woodpeckers have had another great week. They have been working hard with their writing and are currently creating their own Dragon Catcher stories. The children are trying hard to use all the skills we have been learning throughout the book. We are having a class writing competition to see who can apply all their knowledge in their own version of the story and both myself and Mrs Hicks cannot wait to see the end results!


In maths, we have now finished our fraction topic. We continue to work on our afternoon maths which is shape. We are going to be starting this next week. We are also starting time so please practise telling the time with your child.


The best lesson this week, was again our long-awaited science session! This week we were looking at ship building and looking at the different properties of materials. To start off we learned about the Titanic and talked about whether all heavy things sink! We then used an egg to see what happened when it was put into water. It sank! We then added salt to the water and watched what happened. To our amazement it started to float! We talked about why this had happened.


Then we became ship builders. We wanted to explore what type of cargo boat was best- long and thin or wide and short. We had to measure out the different size boats, using foil and used pennies as weights. It was great fun, and we were all thoroughly engaged in the task. There was also fantastic teamwork and collaboration in our groups. We cannot wait to see what exciting science is going to happen next week!