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Robins Class WB 14/02/22

Robins have worked very hard this week despite it being cut short by the storm! We began writing and editing our own versions of Stanley's Stick ready to publish them after half term. We have all worked really hard using what we learned from our book to apply this to our own independent writing.

In maths we are continuing to strengthen our understanding of place value using big numbers (beyond 20) and have been practising counting forwards and backwards to 50! If you would like to help with this at home there are a number of fun and interactive games that can reinforce the learning we have done in the classroom.

This resource is designed to develop an understanding of sorting numbers on a Carroll diagram by two conditions. In Level 1 numbers are sorted into odd or even and more or less than either a number up to 10 or in Level 2 up to 99:

Bead Numbers is a place value investigation involving a tens and ones abacus. First select how many beads to work with from 1 to 9. Arrange the chosen number of beads on the abacus spikes to find all the different numbers which can be made:  

A place value game which can help you to understand tens and ones 

In Science, Robins have been dentist detectives! Using the information we have learned about the different types of teeth this week we have investigated what diets animals eat based on pictures of their skulls. We now know that carnivores and omnivores have canines specifically to help them eat meat whilst most herbivores only have incisors, premolars and molars for chewing on plant matter. We even demonstrated our new knowledge even further by creating clay models of each of the four types of teeth.

After half term we will be starting to learn about taste, sight and hearing as we learn even more about animals including humans! In maths we will continue reinforcing our understanding of place value to 50 before being introduced to length and height and in literacy we will start our new book.