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Robins Class WB 07/03/22

We started our new story in English this week called The Sea Saw and have been practising writing commands and creating missing posters for our tatty bear who was accidentally left at the beach!

Miss Badger tested our understanding in maths on Friday and gave us a test! This was our opportunity to show her what we have learnt and we all tried our best and impressed her and Mrs Pudwell with what we know!

We finished our science topic, Animals Including Humans, this week by undertaking experiments that tested our 5 senses (hearing, taste, touch, sight and smell). We also learnt about how these sense have adapted in nocturnal animals to give them the best chances of hunting (or avoiding becoming) prey!

In PHSE we are learning all about 'Healthy Me' and how to keep ourselves and our bodies healthy - this means we get lots of sleep, choose to eat fruits and vegetables and make sure we stay active playing outside. Mrs Charman also talked about using the Mindful March calendar and doing things for ourselves that will make us happy - happiness is our value this month - such as going to bed an hour earlier to ensure we are well rested and wake up with a positive mindset. We explored the notion of filling each others' buckets with good feelings and helping others to feel happy too.