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About Us

The Sturminster Marshall School Society was established in 1974, when Mrs Tattersall created the pool committee after raising funds to build a pool, which was done with the help of the whole community. This is the pool that is in use today. The School Society was created in order to continue and extend the work of the pool committee, while also continuing to cultivate the relationship between the school and the village.

Our Society is headed by Kathryn. We also have a treasurer, Vicki Styles, and a secretary, Natalie Gillingham.

We are a group of enthusiastic parents who aim to support the headteacher in his aspirations for the school.



Our Mission Statement: 

To build a strong working relationship between staff and parents in order to make every child's potential a reality; by creating a warm, welcoming and open platform for the school community to come together, for the wider education of the pupils. 

How We Work:

We create a sub-committee for each major event run by the School Society. This means that you can choose which events you are directly involved in, and allows you to feel a valued part of the School Society while continuing to juggle the daily chaos that comes with family life.

We also have meetings every 4 to 6 weeks where certain seasonal topics are discussed between the entire Society. These meeting are a chance for the sub-committees to discuss what has been organised since the last meeting and gather thoughts and opinions from the other Society members.

If you are interested in joining us or have further questions; get in touch with us by emailing

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Registered charity number: 294178