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Last Week of Term!

We have had a busy last week in Woodpecker Class. In PSHE, the children have been focusing on working as a team. They were tasked with creating an imaginary bird that lived in a garden of dreams. They had to think about the design carefully, taking into account every group members vision. After planning their design on paper, the groups then had to create their imaginary birds using various materials. The children worked hard to ensure every group member had a role to play.


 In Maths this week, we have started a new topic of Multiplication and Division. We have been focusing on making equal groups and using our reasoning skills to explain how we know something. 
We have come to the end of our Hit, Catch, Run topic in P.E. In our last lesson we worked in teams to play Beat the Runner. Five children had to stand on their bases ready to throw the ball around the circle as one child had to try and get all the way round the bases before the ball got back to its starting spot. The children had to develop their ball throwing skills in order to get the ball back in time to beat the runner.
 Woodpecker Class have worked hard this term and have all earned themselves a restful break! Have a lovely half-term from Mrs Baker, Mrs Crutcher and Mrs West.