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Kingfisher's Forest School Session 4 -28/1/22

This week in Forest School, Kingfisher Class had the chance to take part in some fire lighting. This was a task that took a huge amount of perseverance. The children rose to the challenge. Using flint and steel, the children were able to create sparks from the friction of the materials being struck together.


We used cotton wool balls to try and catch some of the sparks. This was easier said then done! The children had to work on their technique whilst trying to aim the sparks. Not one child gave up and every individual managed to start their own cotton wool ball fires. We investigated how the fire would change if we added vaseline to the cotton wool. We noticed how much longer the flames burnt for due to the gases given off by the vaseline.


Not only did Kingfishers manage to start their own fires, but they even had time to create their own forest swing! What a fantastic session!