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Friday 7th January

It has been lovely to have Woodpeckers back and hear all about their Christmas breaks. We’ve been busy this week writing letters to persuade in our Literacy lessons. Woodpecker Class chose an endangered animal to write about, using conjunctions to explain their reasons for why we need to look after these endangered creatures. The children were very persuasive using commands and questions in their work.



In PSHE we have a new topic of ‘Dreams and Goals’. We discussed how it feels when we reach a goal and succeed at something. We talked about how our successes can feel like a treasure chest within ourselves and had a chance to look at Jigsaw Jo’s treasure chest.


In Science this week, we took part in an experiment. We decided to test which types of materials were the most absorbent. We dipped toilet paper, newspaper, writing paper and tissue paper in water to see how far up the water would travel. We had to make sure it was a fair test by keeping certain things the same like how far in we dipped each piece of paper and how long we left it in the water for.