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Friday 3rd December

Hello Everyone,

Swallow class has had yet another busy week. After 10 amazing weeks they finally performed their Samba Band routine. We were so lucky to have the whole school live stream in, via zoom, so they could hear them play. It's been amazing to hear all the other children compliment them on their performance - massive well done Year 3, I was so proud of you! 


We have continued reading our BGF book in English. As we were reading, we realised how often Roald Dahl used the word 'said' and decided we could write much more exciting sentences. Each child predicted what the next chapter of the book would be and had a go at writing the next chapter. they used some incredible vocabulary and their ideas as to how to catch the giants were very impressive! We can't wait to read on and see if any of our predictions were right. 

In topic this week, we have been researching Stonehenge and even had a go at making our own 3D models. We used wafer and bourbon biscuits and worked as a team to create the structure. It was harder than it looked! 


Miss Langley