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Friday 28th January

This week Woodpecker Class have been busy writing formal information reports on Bears. The children used what they had learnt in previous lessons to separate fact from fiction. We used subheadings to organise all the information we had gathered. Next week we will be editing our work to ensure we have written clearly with the correct spelling.

In P.E this week the class had a great time working in teams in a game of kick ball. Children were bowled a ball in which they had to kick as hard as possible in order to have the chance to score some runs. If they didn’t make it back to their base when the next ball was bowled and it hit the stump they were out. It took speed from the fielders to get the ball back as quickly as possible to prevent the kicker from scoring more points.


In maths this week, the class set up their very own shops. They priced up different classroom items and labelled them with the amount ensuring they used pound and pence signs. Others could then purchase the items if they gave the correct money. It was interesting to see how many ways we could make the different quantities with various notes and coins.