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Friday 11th February

We have had such a busy week in Robins class this week!

In English we started a new book Stanley's Stick by John Hegley and have been making predictions about what the main character, Stanley, would use his magic stick to do. We even got outside to create words in chalk on the playground using our phonics knowledge of adjacent consonants. I wonder if you spotted any of our words at pick up? Next week we will be using Stanley's Stick to inspire our own stories about magical items!


In maths we have been solving word problems using numbers to 20 and have been working really hard on our maths fluency using our number bonds to 20. Next week we will begin working with numbers up to 50 and partitioning them into tens and ones. Shark Numbers: is a brilliant resource to help reinforce this understanding at home.

On 8th February it was Safer Internet Day. This year, the theme was 'All fun and games?' and it is all about respect and relationships in gaming and other parts of life online. During the pandemic, online gaming saw a big increase. Seven out of ten 5 to 15-year olds played games online during 2020, according to research from Ofcom. We discussed what it means to be kind online and what to do if we see something that we shouldn't have or something that upsets us. For more information grown ups can access the following resources online: and

This week we have also been zoologists learning all about how to classify and group animals based on their attributes such as that fish have gills and mammals are covered in hair. By the end of this week we have learnt to identify types of animals, name some animals of each type, describe the features of different types of animals and classify an animal based upon the information we have been given about it. We have also dispelled some common misconceptions such as a whale is a fish because it lives in the water or insects are not animals. We also created a graph to map the pets that we have at home and find out the most popular one.