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Woodpeckers have had a great week. On Monday we went on a dragon hunt around the school and the grounds. We discovered that dragons had taken over the school whilst we had been on holiday!


We went on to read the ‘Dragon Machine’ and wrote some dragon spotting guides and letters to George (the character in the story) to give him some advice about how he could control his troublesome dragons! We all loved learning how to spell could, would and should and enjoyed the funny video to help us learn the rhyme – oh, u lucky ducky! We also learned the words people and parents by using rhymes and looking for words within words.


In maths, we have been learning about fractions and have become experts on finding ½ and ¼. We have been busy practising our calculation skills every day too!


In science, we were learning about changing materials. The children said it was one of the best science lessons ever!! They had a range of materials to test in groups to see if they could be twisted, pulled, torn, squashed and lots more! We discovered that clay, plasticine, and playdoh could all be changed in this way.  However, when we wanted to make a model, the best material was clay because it could dry hard. To finish we made some dragons for our display out of clay. It was quite mucky but great fun!


Finally, we ended our busy week, with a maypole practice on the field with the whole school.