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Ofsted Report

We are very proud that Ofsted described us as an "outstanding" school in its last report.  

Of course this does not make us complacent and we are alert to areas where we can continue to improve. Overall though the school receives excellent commendation as some of the extracts from the June 2007 Report quoted below indicate.

"'Sturminster Marshall has proven to be fantastic'. So wrote one parent about this school.  She reflects the views of many others, and this inspection revealed that parents' confidence is not misplaced.  A range of strong features, together with some that are exemplary, combines to make this school outstanding."

"...pupils hit the ground running when they join Reception and they make at least good progress in this class because of the strong teaching."

"The care, support and guidance provided by staff for pupils are exemplary.  Several parents wrote to inspectors about the extremely sensitive way in which their children's medical or emotional needs have been met at the school.  A parent of a minority faith wrote to praise, rightly, the school's inclusivity in dealing with those whose lifestyles differ from the wider school body.  In academic terms, pupils receive unusually strong guidance so the vast majority of children from Reception upwards know their targets in writing and mathematics and know exactly what they have to do to improve."

"The personal development and well-being of pupils are outstanding.  Attendance is high and behaviour is good."

"Academic guidance is superb. Pupils know and can discuss their targets in writing and mathematics, and the quality of marking, particularly in English, is exemplary.  It gives pupils outstanding support so that they know the steps they need to take to improve their work."

"Pupils demonstrate a real enjoyment of school.  They relish the good curriculum, which is enriched by a very good range of after-school and lunchtime clubs and opportunities to learn a musical instrument."

"This is a school where pupils feel that they are highly valued, they feel safe and they have a say. Its popularity with parents and the determination of the headteacher, staff and governors to ensure the school continues to strive to maintain and exceed present high standards underpin the outstanding capacity for further improvements."

" the time pupils reach the end of Year 2, their attainment is significantly higher than the national average.  Pupils continue to make good progress in their final two years at the school, so that, by the time they depart for middle school at the end of Year 4, they are attaining standards which are well above those normally expected for their age."

And from a letter from the inspector to the children...

"Thank you for your very friendly and polite welcome when I came to visit your school recently...The headline is that you go to an outstanding school.  There are lots of good things about it."

"I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your school.  It's a great place.  Look after it, work hard, play happily and good luck in the future."

The full report can be read here: June 2007 Ofsted Report

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